Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain and Courage by Cynthia Brown now part of curriculum at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Indiana law Enforcement Academy Executive Director Goodpaster presents Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stores of Pride, Pain and Courage by Cynthia Brown to several basic students of class 2011191.Left to right:  Mr. Goodpaster, David Fazio (St. Joseph Co. Sheriff's Dept.), Terry Smith (Putnam Co. Sheriff's Dept.), Brady Sorrells (Clarks Hill PD), Steven Stepleton (Osgood PD), Tyler Swain (Muncie PD), Anis Softic (Allen Co. Sheriff's Dept), and Angela Spahievj (Allen Co. Sheriff's Dept).

by Lt. Lance M. Burris

During 2011, every basic student who walks through the honorable doors of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy will receive a copy of the dynamic book entitled “Brave Hearts” so skillfully authored by Cynthia Brown. The residential Academy is the first in the nation to use the book as part of the program of studies in its fifteen-week basic program.

Recently the book was given to ninety-three law enforcement basic students during their Criminal Investigations Course along with a mandated training task to read the first chapter and supply answers to questions about its content. Executive Director, Mr. Rusty Goodpaster, said, “We believe there is some educational, motivational and pride factors encased in the pages of this book and that after reading it the basic officers will look upon their positions in the community they serve with pride and as a profession; not just a job.”

Lt. Lance M. Burris is a retired Chief of Detectives and a Master Instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. He is a frequent contributor to APB and an author of two published books; “At The Rail” and “Read Me A Story.”




Dear Cynthia:

I can't tell you how happy and excited I am for you and the entire law enforcement community. Your book is one that was waiting to be published and you did it! These true stories that capture the purpose and meaning of being a police officer are reaching every corner of the thin blue line. The book is about people serving in each and every law enforcement agency in the country from large city departments to the small one-person marshal town. You certainly have accomplished a feat that few writers have obtained and it is my belief and hope that Brave Hearts will be on the "best seller" list if it's not already.

I know reading Brave Hearts will be a highlight of our students’ learning experience. I will also plan to use your book as a model of what a police officer looks, acts and smells like. I want to hear from these students what their thoughts are on the book and its heroes and what their dedication to duty means to them. I think a written paper would be in order for that project.

It’s great that colleges are going to use your book. So many of the stories have information that will be very useful for the curriculum. Every library in every city and town in the U.S. should order several copies of Brave Hearts. I can’t think of a better way for citizens to better understand the police and the tough job that we have.

— Lt. Lance M. Burris
(Master Instructor)
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
Retired Chief of Detectives